Hi, I'm Travis

A Full Stack Engineer building enterprise software that employees love at Rocketrip (YC Winter '14). When I'm not developing apps with the latest web technologies, I enjoy commenting on industry trends on my blog and @travisbloom on Twitter.

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Day one at Rocketrip :)

Full Stack Engineer August 2015

I currently work on the engineering team at Rocketrip, helping to fundamentally change the way employees spend money on business travel.

View from GE's Software Center of Excellence in San Ramon, California.

Lead Front End Engineer March 2015

I joined GE's Information Technology Leadership Program in June 2013. The job gives recent graduates the chance to work in four completely different IT roles over the course of two years, with graduate coursework built in throughout.

During my final rotation I worked as a Lead Front End Engineer on the High Impact Innovation Team, developing hybrid mobile applications for GE's various business units.

My team's final pitchout during ITLP initial training. We earned top honors for our solution.

API Architect Sept. 2014

For my third rotation, I worked as an API Architect for GE’s Next Generation Operations initiatives. Partnering directly with the COO of IT at the company, I launched and delivered the first iteration of GE's next generation app tracking solution.

As the sole developer of the implementation, I built a RESTful API with Node.js and PostgreSQL then integrated it with our company-wide OAuth2 provider for identity management. The application was one of the initial AWS deployments within the company, giving me the chance to document infrastructure best practices (Bash scripts, CloudFormation templates, etc) and partner with our cloud service owners to improve the developer experience within GE's VPCs.

Full Stack Engineer Mar. 2014

I worked as a Full Stack Engineer during my second rotation, helping to launch a new home page for GE's 300,000+ employees. My main deliverable was building various components for one of the largest implementations of Angular.js in the world but I also got the chance to work across our tech stack, refactoring the existing API server and building out new routes/3rd party integrations.

The Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center in Van Buren Township, Michigan, where ITLP initial training was held.

ServiceNow Project Manager Aug. 2013

My first rotation was spent working within GE's ServiceNow Center of Excellence managing part of the largest ServiceNow instance in the world. I owned technical implementation of our notification stream, working with a development team of four to push 70+ platform features to production.

My other projects included helping GE Healthcare build out new ITIL processes within ServiceNow and managing the development of a new marketing portal for my organization.

ITLP Intern Summer 2012

Prior to my fulltime offer I interned within GE's Global Infrastructure Services on our IP phone systems. My summer was spent managing the integration of a 3rd party solution that enables self-service password reset functionality. I also had the opportunity to redesign my team's internal portal.


Highscor is currently in development. The hybrid app helps people keep track of their personal bests in everything from social media reach to Reddit scores to weight loss. It's the "analytics dashboard for your life." Built with ES6 via Babel.js, Ionic (Angular + Cordova), and Node.js


During my Senior year at UConn I developed and launched my first web app. It was built to fill a need that I saw semester after semester: there was no easy way to browse top ranked courses at my school. Offerings like RateMyProfessors.com were great if you already had a class in mind, but MyEasyClass’ reddit-style layout made it easy to quickly discover other course options.

The site was originally created using JQuery, Bootstrap, and Parse (JQuery was eventually replaced with Angular.js). When it launched in spring of 2013 more than 1,200+ unique users visited the first month. During class registration the following fall, MyEasyClass had 5,200+ pageviews and 3,200 unique visitors. Putting this in to perspective, more than 20% of UConn's undergraduate population used the site.


I've been an avid reader of technology news (The Verge, Techmeme, and Hacker News are just a few of my favorites) since 2009 and occasionally comment on the industry through my blog BloomTrends. The site's content includes interesting quotes from opinion pieces, video reviews of new products, and even some original content I've written.

Although my readership is small, some of my pieces have been featured on the front page of Hacker News.


My interest in web design/development started during my sophomore year of college. I used online tools like Team Treehouse and Codeacademy to teach myself the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

This most recent version of travisbloom.me was built as a static, single page blog, with all the section content typed up in a single JSON file. When a new version of the site is deployed, Gulp.js compiles the stories data to a Handlebars.js template and inject the outputted html in to my index.html file. This setup allows me to easily update stories and add new content to respective sections.

I graduated summa cum laude from UConn in May of 2013 with a Degree in Management Information Systems and a cumulative GPA of 3.96. Courses like Accounting, Finance, and Management gave me a solid foundation in business while others like Software Development, Database Design, Data Mining, and Web Development allowed me to explore my passion for technology.

Pledge books given out to potential new members of my fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Outside of the classroom I was a vocal leader within Greek life at UConn. Originally elected as Secretary of my fraternity sophomore year, I became President during fall of 2011. My year long term was spent managing a 9 man executive board, leading an 89 brother chapter with an operating budget of $75,000, and working with other Greek organizations to push our community in a positive direction.