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June 10, 2013

WWDC 2013: The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Apple had an impressive Keynote today. Whether you love your Galaxy S4, are a loyal fan of Windows 8, or have been living under a rock with a Blackberry, everyone can respect the boldness of Apple’s product decisions.

Since the iPhone’s introduction in 2007, Apple has dominated the mobile market. People will argue that Android has a higher market share, and is thus the true leader, but when you look at the space from a profit perspective, Apple reigns king. This is why it’s so shocking to see the company make such a bold move.

Everyone knows what an iPhone looks like. The playful icons on the homescreen have become as iconic (I know, I made a pun) as the Apple logo itself. People associate the yellow flower of the photo app with Apple. With the iPhone. With a luxury product. A typical market leader might ride on this successful design for decades coughWindows95cough and become complacent. It’s risky to completely redesign a product millions of people have come to know and love, but that’s what Apple just did.

Many will credit Microsoft with making a similar move, myself included. Windows 8 truly is an innovative product that reinvents the PC for the modern age, but it was done from a defensive standpoint. The product arrived after tablets had become wildly popular. It was Microsoft admitting it needed to adapt to new hardware experiences after originally ignoring the concept. Apple is doing something completely different.

iOS 7 is an offensive move, a sign that innovation has not stopped in Cupertino and Apple is determined to keep building great products. Some people will have mixed feelings about the new features and UI. Some people will have a problem with the continued lack of customization options, myself included. But no matter how you feel about the product, you need to respect Apple’s boldness. They took their most glorified product, worshiped by consumers worldwide in its current state, and gave it a complete overhaul. The best defense is a good offense.

personal note: I’m still on the fence about staying with my iPhone. I wanna see what Motorola has been cooking up since Google took over.